Let me introduce myself. I’m Philadelphia gospel recording artist E. L. Williams. The music world is not a novelty to me. I became attracted to music at age four, listing to my mother singing gospel music around the home. The family attended Metropolitan Baptist Church; shortly we moved from 615 N. 34th. Street to 4075 Market Street and joined another church.

At age ten I joined the children’s choir led by Mrs. Battles, she taught me my first solo song called, Call Him Up, and Tell Him what you want. Later I began listing to R&B music, and loved singing ballads. As time passed I wanted to become a recording artist. My first group was A-Capella group called Deep Penetration from West Philadelphia from 38th. &. Union Street. We sang locally for about eight years and we were as good as the professional A-Capella group The Persuasions. After singing with some of the most talented and outstanding vocalist in the Philadelphia area, I decided to move on in order to enhance my music career. A school friend, Clinton Wilburn, one of the singers of a Philadelphia local group known as Page Five approached me and asked if I would be interested in auditioning for the group as their bass singer? I took him up on the offer, and became the bass singer for the Philadelphia group Page-Five. This was a change from singing on the corner. We were a very popular vocal group, singing in night clubs throughout, Philadelphia, New Jersey and Delaware areas. My period of time with Page Five, opened doors to world renowned groups and solo artist, such as Mr. Lou Rawls. R&B group Blue Magic and Philadelphia own The Futures.

We also opened for Mr. B.B. King at the Wonder Garden in Atlantic City New Jersey, and many other professional performers, also making many appearances on ABC/TV Channel 6 Variety Club Telethon. Becoming tired of performing for a few years in the night club scene; and now, empty inside I recalled my mother’s advice and returned to the church, pursuing my roots in gospel music.

While in pursuit of my solo career I formed my record label titled, JEHOVAH-JIREH RECORDINGS and became the first artist to record on the label, it was a cover song titled He’s Been Faithful. Although I received no funds the song soared and appeared on the Billboard charts. Later I was interviewed on WHAT-Gospel Radio Personality Ms. Linda Timmons here in Philadelphia. Ms. Timmons aired the song to her Philly listeners, afterwards she than nicknamed me the The Barry White of Gospel Music. It’s then, I’d realized that He’s Been Faithful was a huge hit. The song was being sold on Amazon.fr, and other websites worldwide and exposure, the same. I thank God, in the name of Jesus Christ for bringing me through the extreme hard times.

I must confess that it hasn’t been easy building my career, but God has been more than good to me. I always hear say I will bring you through, have faith in Me, I’ve always been here for you. I day I said, Lord, I will serve you, regardless if you give me a recording deal or not! And on August 17, 2012 I received a phone call from a Ms. Lauren Lubbers; A&R legal agent. She said she was from TATE MUSIC GROUP, and she had heard my song He’s Been Faithful and wanted me to come with TMG. (Long story) I requested the contract in order that I may pray over it for a few days. (I must have taken too long)

On September 24, 2012, I received another phone call from Mr. Allen Finch, the Vice President of TMG. Mr. Finch called to ask, if would I be willing to come with TMG. It was at that time that I signed the RECORDING CONTRACT with TMG. And on October 3, 2012, the signing was finalized. I received a phone call that afternoon from Mr. Finch, and he welcomed me to the TMG family.

PS: The LORD had instructed me a few years ago to appeal to the general public concerning His music; my music style is a little different. I sing love songs to Him with the flavor of the world for the winning of souls, unto Him, in the name of Jesus Christ.

Artist Vocal Tones &. Style: Nat King Cole, Mr. B./Billy Eckstine

TMG/ Recording Artist: E. L. Williams               Contact Direct: 215-494-6461