Joyce Sorrell



Joyce Sorrell performance and message captivates a heart full of passion as she sings the good news of God. Joyce’s voice invites all walks of life to feel the love of God and experience a change of heart and mind.

Joyce Sorrell grew up in the church and was surrounded by a big family. She was born and rise in a small town called Loreauville in Louisiana. She has five sisters and four brothers. She is also married and has four sons and five grandchildren. In October of 2008 she met Mr. Robert Coleman of La-TREBOR and by November 2008 she released her first cod, which has nine songs and of those nine she wrote all but three.

Since the release of her CD she has had endless bookings. Two of her major appearances were the Indie Channel Awards and the Bobby Jones Gospel. The two songs off of the CD “No Way Tired” and “Yes I Can” were nominated for the best Female Gospel Singer and the best Song. She won for the Best Female Gospel Singer. She also participated in Contest Showcase like the Allstate Gospel Contest and Prize Factor contest. She has opened shows for gospel greats like The Jackson Southern ire, The Canton Spirituals, Debra Snipes, and Lee Williams. Joyce was featured in newspaper like Daily Iberian, Daily Advertiser. More of her bookings through the years, since 2008, are following: Black Essence Award, Faith and Soul Magazine Cover, Gospel Explosions and Musicals in various places in Louisiana, church functions, funerals and school programs. Joyce has also experiences and appearances in Texas.

Joyce Sorrell is truly a phenomenal woman as she is not only a Gospel singer, but a mother, a friend and counselor. There have been many women conferences that she attuned not only to sing fourth her message, but also to comfort and teach. Due to having a large family, every year for the pass twenty plus years she has along with her family have Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. program. She also won 2012 Martin Luther King Jr. Award for her church.

There is not a time when her audience is not moved or captivated in her song and performance. Many have gone to her after shows and said they have a change of mind and heart of which to her is an accomplishment because her goal and dream was to spread the good news of God. Joyce’s CD is an inspiration and a must-have.