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Minister Stevie Tee born Stevie Tyrone Thompson was born July 21st 1974 to Patricia Davis and Curtis Lomack who named him after two of their favorite musicians Stevie wonder & Tyrone Davis. Never knowing their son would be destined to do music for God Stevie started out in his journey in the secular world at age 15 with and for popular artist Clay Dixon (producer of 2 Live Crews Luther Cambell), Roger Troutmans Band Zapp and many more.

After being saved in 1999 he decided to retire to the secular artist but backslid in 2000 for 7 years when he finally surrendered all to God and started his ministry May of that year 2007. He now has 4 full albums and 50 released singles under his belt as well as him being the head of CitySide Records/CitySide Music Ministries and has had over 1 million downloads and streams for his entire ministry to date.

His current directed/produced release Need You Now by Boaz & Ruth is currently receiving heavy rotation on secular world Pop Stations, Christian and Gospel winning and encouraging souls nationwide. His songs Step On The Devils Head and I Know I’ve Been Changed are the people’s favorite and the demand for those songs currently is impressive to many. Minister Stevie Tee is currently in strong demand and will continue to be there for all people to give them the Gospel they need which is ordered by God.