Carol & The New Anointed Stephens Singers

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The Original Gospel Creator

Carol & The New Anointed Stephens Singers are not new to the Industry. They were known as one of the best female quartets in the country during the 1980’s.The Stephens Singers whom all were sisters, traveled all over the nation singing God’s praises on many major concerts. They were best known for their hits “Oh, when I come to the end of my journey” and “God is calling”, and let us not forget the awesome vocals of the late great Genevieve Stephens on “Let me walk”. Today, The Anointed Stephens Singers have a new leader, a new background, and a new anointing! The group consist of one the original Stephens Sisters (Carol Stephens) along with the loving memory of Shirley Stephens Inman who recently passed away.

Carol is now carrying on the legacy of The Anointed Stephens Singers with the help of very close friends Barbara Bell Royster, Constance Downing China, Jackie Andrews, and Leonora Wright. The lead vocals of Carol Stephens dynamic presence on stage and her fiery conviction in her vocals along with the melodic, and house wrecking background vocals will definitely be one of the groups driving force to their new success. We ask that the quartet world brace themselves as Serenity Grace Music presents the nation’s #1 female quartet group, Carol & The New Anointed Stephens Singers of Jersey City, New Jersey.