Grant Letter
A Time To Heal Ministries Inc
Gone Too Soon
January 25, 2022

Grant Letter
Time to Heal Ministries is a nongovernmental organization established with the mission of reducing the overall rates at which teenagers and young adults from minority races are murdered as a result of involvement in drugs as well as criminal activities. This is a demographic characterized by many challenges including racial profiling as well as negative stereotyping. Under the auspices of Time to Heal Gone Too Soon Ministries, the main focus is to develop and implement mechanisms that are aimed at minimizing the incidence rates of crime in the targeted demographic as well as ameliorating the overall rates at which young males from all races are involved in the abuse of illegal substances.

Over the years, young males from all races have constituted the largest percentage of any race as far as incarceration is concerned. This is an occurrence that has been occasioned by numerous factors including socioeconomic wellbeing of the population, exposure to crime, and the absence of effective systems for the sensitization of young people. According to information provided by the Bureau of Statistics, a young males from all races is three times likely to be the victim of homicide in the USA . Such a statistic is a notable source of concern because it compromises the extent to which young males from all races contribute towards economic development and growth across the USA.

With adequate funding, Time to heal Ministry can play an integral role towards reversing the narrative pertaining to young males from all races through the organizations various initiatives and programs across the nation. One of the main ways in which this organization can help in addressing the problem pertains to the sensitization of the vulnerable groups about the distinctive ways in which they can contribute constructively towards the development of the country’s economy. In essence, most young males from all races are involved in criminal activities because they are not adequately enlightened about the different ways in which they can make a difference in the society and country at large. The various sensitization and capacity building initiatives of Gone Too Soon Ministries can play an influential role towards addressing this gap.

In addition to the sensitization of the vulnerable demographics, another notable way in which the mission of Gone Too Soon Ministries is aligned towards the problem of high rates of homicide among young males from all races pertains to the issue of policy advocacy. This organization is heavily involved in policy advocacy especially for the different issues and priority areas for the marginalized groups across the nation. For instance, the organization works closely with influential lawmakers so as to enhance the extent to which policies are developed and formulated in line with existing challenges and issues in the population including high rates of homicide among young males from all races. Unless the needs of such groups are aligned towards the policy framework of the country, it can be immensely complex for the aforementioned challenges and issues to be addressed effectively. Within the policy framework, the formulation or enactment of laws is not adequate. Such policies cannot be useful towards the attainment of the intended goals unless they are characterized by effective mechanisms for implementation. Time to Heal Ministries works closely with the different stakeholders so as to promote the effectiveness with which the developed policies are implemented.

The high rates of young males from all races being murdered in the country And covic 19 is a problem that has also another pertinent dimension of the impact it has on the affected families. When a young family member is killed, the family bears the burden of funeral arrangements while also being affected by the immense psychological burden associated with the loss of a loved one. In line with this stipulation, it then follows that there is the need for such families to be supported especially during the mourning process. Within the operational framework of Time to Heal Ministries, working with affected families is an area of priority. In the event that such families are not adequately supported, it can be immensely complex for them to deal with the suffering and potentially cause other social problems including violence. The role played by Gone Too Soon and Time to Heal Ministries is hence immensely pertinent as far as the support of affected families is concerned Featuring a Gospel Explosion with Kirk Franklyn Mary Mary and Jessica Reedy and Many more .

From a different perspective, it is also vital to accentuate on the implications of youth involvement in crime on the effectiveness of the country’s criminal justice system. The nation’s criminal justice system plays an integral role when it comes to law-enforcement within the population. In the event that the justice system is not as effective as required, it can be complex for the overall goals of the entire system to be attained. While there are many challenges and operational issues facing the criminal justice system, the rampant rates at which innocent young males from all races are killed is a major issue affecting the efficiency and operational success of the entire system. The various initiatives of Time to Heal Ministries would play a vital part towards the minimization of the homicide rates especially through collaboration with different stakeholders including other civil society organizations.

The funding requirements for Time to Heal Ministries are extensive in that the organization’s distinctive programs are resource-intensive. For instance, administrative costs are very high because of the staff and functional aspects of the organization. The different operational goals and objectives of the organization cannot be attained successfully in the event that the administrative efficiency is compromised. In line with this aspect, adequate funding is required so as to facilitate for the administrative aspects of Time To Heal Ministries.

In addition to administrative functions, the engagement and outreach of different stakeholders is also another notable aspect of Time to Heal Ministries that is resource-intensive. In the event that the organization is not characterized by adequate funding, it can be immensely complex for the highest standards of operational efficiency to be attained. This is an aspect that is indicative of the importance of obtaining adequate funding for the various projects and initiatives of Time to Heal Ministries.

The youth serves as an integral component of the country’s population. In the event that the high rates of homicide among the young males from all races are not addressed, the overall wellbeing of the country would be compromised extensively. This not only applies to the social aspects of the population, but also economic wellbeing. In line with these aspects, the various activities and initiatives of Time to Heal Ministries are hence immensely pertinent when it comes to the nation’s overall success. The funding for Time to Heal Ministries will hence be invaluable.

The support of Time to Heal Ministries through funding will be helpful in that it will promote the extent to which the organization participates in initiatives that are supportive of the funerals of the people suffering after having their loved ones killed in violence or drug-related incidences Covic -19. In most cases, the plight of such people is not adequately catered for by the various stakeholders including the government. This is a situation that compounds their suffering not only during the mourning period, but also after they have cremated their loved one. In the event that Time to Heal Ministries does not have adequate funding to support such people, it would be complex for the organization to bridge the gap.

The funding for Time to Heal Ministries will also be vital in that it will facilitate for the implementation of programs and initiatives that are geared towards preventing the high rates of violence in American society. When the problem is prevented in the first place, the overall impact is minimized. However, Time to Heal Ministries cannot achieve this without having the relevant resources. It then follows that the grant will be useful towards the reduction of prevalence rates of violence in America as well as the extent to which young people are involved in illicit activities such as the abuse of illegal substances.

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Latzer, B. (2017) The rise and fall of violent crime in America, New York, NY: Encounter Books