Shirley Mcneil and The Gospel Singers

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The Original Gospel Creator

A native of Tarboro, NC, Shirley McNeil, as a child always liked to sing and showed it at Little Savannah Church near Conetoe, North Carolina. Later moving to Washington, DC and continuing her music endeavors, Shirley sang in numerous churches and choirs. In 1986, she became the director and one of the lead vocalists for the Christian Ministry Choir in Leesville, LA. In 1988, she moved to Goldsboro, NC, May 1989 she opened the Gospel Sound Tracks recording studio. She returned back to her home church joining the Conetoe Gospel Choir where she continues to sign on Sundays when time permits.

The Group The Gospel Singers of Faith was later formed and has recorded three CD’s. There’s a Bright Side Somewhere, Is He Yours, and I’m Blessed. In June 2004, Shirley released here 1st musical video entitled “Great Things”.

Shirley’s singing career has taken her placed like the Bahamas., Jamaica, New Your, New Jersey, Virginia, all of the Eastern Seaboard, including Alabama.

“She prays to bring people blessing through here singing, visiting the sick and elderly at rest homes during the weekends; and singing at various places. When singing and doing God’s work, she finds that people are looking for something, and if through her singing helps someone realize the important of being saved, she give GOD all the praises.

“Faith is the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things that have not been seen”. (Hebrew 11:1)

With continued faith, Shirley McNeil and The Gospel Singers of Faith will continue their mission for the Lord.