The Crown of Joy

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The Original Gospel Creator

We would like to thank God for this music ministry. This recording is a prime example of walking ay faith and not by sight. We would also like to thank our wives (Anastasia, Irene, Derese, Victoria, & Debbie), families, friends, church families (Cathedral AMEZ, Truth Tabernacle, St. James COGIC, along with many others, radio personalities, and promoters for standing by our side during the good and bad times and also for being supportive in our ministry. We’re all in this together; therefore, our accomplishments will be a door opened for all. Special thanks to Mr. Barnett Williams, Mr. Rickey Barnett, and the entire staff and Born Again Records for giving us the opportunity to be a part of your family.

This project is especially dedicated in memory of our late love ones: Reverend Tom & Dorothy Avant (Tommy & Victor’s Parents); Mrs. Willie Young (Steve’s Mother); Mrs. Mary Lena Wooten (Wayne’s Grandmother); and Mrs. Sarah Hatch (Alvis’s Mother). There will always be a special reserved place in our hearts for them.

May God Forever Bless All Of You, Tommy, Victor, Steve, Wayne, Eddie & Alvis. We are the crowns of joy!