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The Original Gospel Creator


The question is often asked what’s in a name? No one on this planet who lived in the 60s and 70s have not in some way come into contact with the Drifters. This name has sponsored two sons Bill P. and his group. Lee Logan and the Driftors have risen from the From the Phoenix. They are back. Let the games begin. Ladies, and Gentlemen, Boys, and Girls, Saints from every walk of life…. Here are the Original Driftors.

One of the Most Versatile Groups in the Gospel and R+B praise Worship traditional Gospel Urban Gospel: Electrifying audience all over the country: the Driftors have received numerous awards due to their military (USO) Dates Working bases all over the land. Their new CD was recorded live at the Montray Music Festival. It is a soul blend of Jazz, Contemporary, Traditional, Gospel and it is powerful. You’ll need to see them live in concert, if you want to experience a powerful electrifying show that’s not just a performance: it is a stimulating retesting of the anointing. The Driftors have nothing to prove to anyone and no reason to hold back; New video(CD) is set to release in 2005. If you think back in time, can you remember how many Number One hits the Drifters had on the Billboard Charts? 5, 10, or how many can you count.

The group performs oldies from the 60s and 70s (Doo Wop) R&B plus Traditional Gospel. This nostalgic group will bring back memories of days gone by, and will add great entertainment to your affair. Time has revealed that this is one of the most venerated groups on the road today You should book this group for your next occasion. Open for private & public shows.