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The Original Gospel Creator

The “vision” of the: “East Coast Pilgrimaires” was first realized and embraced in December of 1995, by it’s “visionary” Gerrard V. Davis.

He therefore was inspired by a great number of examples in the quartet ministry. The group ministry membership initially consisted of at that time: Gerrard V. Davis, group founder, manager and lead vocalist, David Moore, Mike Cunningham and Norman long. Not too long after the group was established, David Moore who served as tenor vocalist and bass player made his departure, the group was blessed with another young man by the name of Carlus Moore, to fill that slot. The group spent tireless hours of mike Cunningham, rehearsing, and then the venue changed to Carlus Moore’s garage.

The group began to travel in 1996, of course without a “recording”, pressing their way though the elements: rain, snow, sleet, etc. They ministered at several local venues and have been on stage, over the years with great pioneers and living legends, such as the; The Pilgrim Jubilees, the Gospel Keynotes, Trot Ramey and the Soul Searchers, the Highway Q.C’s, Jay Caldwell and the Gospel Ambassadors, the legendary (original) Soul Stirrers, the Gospelaires, CBS. Trumpeters, the Harmonizing Four, the Swanee Quintet, Tommy Ellison and the Singing Stars, the Heavenly Sons of Washington, D.C., Doc McKenzie and the Gospel Hi-Lites, his beloved nephew the “Hi-Lite Jrs.” Of Patterson,

New Jersey, Slim Hunt and the Supreme Angels, Wills Pittman and the Burden Lifters and last but definitely not least, Keith “Wonder-Boy” Johnson and the Spiritual Voices.

Today the group consists of six present day member, Bro. Gerrard V. Davis, Mike Johnson, Alonzo Cunningham, Mike Cunningham, Norman Long and Corey Alston.

Their very first recording was released in January 2001, entitled “Quartet Revival, 2001” Which sure to be a blessed and anointed project from God

By the way, this particular Quartet Ministry thrives on very rich and bountiful home based “legacy”, they are from the city of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, home of the: Dixie Hummingbirds, the Angelic Gospel Singers, the Davis, Sisters, Clara Ward and the Ward Singers, Sons of the Bird, the fantastic “Williams Sisters” and at one time the sensational Nightingales.

The Led Vocalist and Manager, Gerrard V. Davis, was blessed with the opportunity to go on the road and travel for one year with legendary Spencer Taylor and the Highway Q.C’s of Chicago, Illinois presently based in Washington, D.C. While he was there he served as second lead vocalist and background vocalist for the Highway Q.C’s. The experience was both beautiful as well as rewarding.