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The Original Gospel Creator

This CD is dedicated in loving memory of the late Brother Ken Wormack, our manager, who succumbed on July 22, 2001.  He faithfully served more than 22 years of leadership, guidance, integrity and most all enduring love for us. A good man no longer in the earthly tabernacle but whose spirit will be with us always.

“For more than twenty years, I offered leadership through counsel, wisdom and management, as God had led me to lead you. Like a good Shepherd leads his sheep to green pastures, this I was led of God to do for you. The time came for me to leave you, as I told you I would. But you just keep singing for even now God says of your service, “This is good.”  You may be sad, but rejoice and shout with me For God has given me another assignment with the heavenly ensemble, where we shout for joy, celebrated the glory of God, and every day is his Sunday.”

Brother Wormack