The Mighty Pierce Gospel Singers

The Mighty Pierce Gospel Singers was organized in 1990 by Deacon Leon Pierce in the basement of a home on Manor St. The Mighty Pierce Singers members at that time were: Russell, Rhonda, Kay Pierce, Catherine Scarborough, Katherine Grimes.

Years later the membership changed, the members were as follows : Catherine Scarborough, Jerlene Ricks, Effie Simmons, Katherine Grimes, And Morris Ruffin.

The group was first called The Guiding Light Singers. Later their name changed to the Mighty Pierce gospel Singers To this day the group’s name has i

The current members are Leon Pierce, Lead singer, Jerlene Ricks, Tenant singers, Katherine Grimes, 5th singer, Effie Simmons, Baritone Singers, Catherine Scarborough, Manager and Morris Ruffin , Booking Manger, Brenda Davis, Lead singer

Until 1998 with the Passing of Morris Ruffin, and the retirement of Jerlene Ricks, and Effie Simmons, We thank them for their spiritual sound they gracefully gave to The Mighty Pierce Gospel Singers.

The group was then joined by Katie Stanton, Baritone Singer, Winola Luzier, tenant singer,Katherine King, still the 5th singer, Catherine Scarborough Manager, Albort Porter join as, backup tenant, Leon Pierce, still the lead singer Russell Pierce join, second lead singer.

The spiritual sounds you be hearing since 1990 are still to this day anointing and delighting people with the joyful loving sounds of The Mighty Pierce Gospel Singer.