The Original 5 Blind Boys from Miss

One of the oldest gospel quartets in the world. This group originated in Piney Wood, Mississippi, in 1944. There were five blind boys in the Piney Wood School for the blind in Piney Wood Mississippi. their founder and manager was Lloyd Lee Woodard. Their first gospel singing group was called the “Cotton Blossom Singers.” In 1945, the blind boys graduated from the school for the blind and moved to Jackson, Mississippi, and renamed their group “The Jackson Harmoneers”. In the late 1940s, a well-known promoter by the name of Ronnie Williams booked the blind boys in Newark, New Jersey, at the National Guard Armory. Mr. Williams told the Jackson Harmoneers that he thought the name “The Five Blind Boys of Jackson, Mississippi” would be a better name. The blind boys grumbled and didn’t want to change their name, but Ronnie Williams insisted, and the group went on stage at the Armory in New Jersey and were announced as “The Five Blind Boys of Jackson, Mississippi”. After the show, the group accepted the name because it was so well received in Newark, New Jersey, and so it was. This name carried them to national recognition and world fame.

The Five Blind Boys of Mississippi have been singing for fifty-two (52) years. Today, they are strong as ever, keeping up with the pace of gospel music. These men consist of Sandy Foster and Lead-singer. Charles Monique, Second Lead, Joe Watson, First Tenor, Jesse Brown, Bass-singer, Ollis Thomas, Baritone-singer, Guitar players, John Whaley, and Willie Glover, Bass-Guitar. They have won Grammys and Stellars for many of their recordings. The group won two Grammy awards for best songs, (1) “1 Have But One Desire” (2) “Just Another Soldier”. They were inducted into the Ebony Gospel Hall of Fame with Rev. C. L. Franklin. They have performed at major theaters and venues, including Apollo, The Met in Philadelphia, Carnegie Hall, Old Regal Theater in Chicago, the Amphitheater, and convention centers throughout the U.S.A. They have performed all over the United States and Abroad, Their international travels have included many countries, such as Germany, France, the Scandinavian countries, Belgium, Sweden, Switzerland and Austria just to name a few.

Some of their recordings included, “I’ll Make it Alright, “Wherever There’s A Will There’s A Way”, “Oh Why”, “Leave You In Tile Hands Of The Lord”, and “Our Father” and many, many more. There latest recording is “Counting On Jesus” Their style of traditional singing has kept them in the forefront of the gospel music industry. The Mississippi Blind Boys’ name ring throughout the world as they continue to sing their traditional hit songs of yesterday.